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Learn about the Physician Assistant Profession in Canada

Your Guide to PA Practice in Canada

What is a PA?

Learn about the Physician Assistant profession in Canada.

Your Guide to PA Practice in Canada!

What is a PA?

Profiles of Practicing Canadian Physician Assistants

Over 20 Canadian PAs across different specialties profiled. Learn why they chose PA, their experience in PA education and a “Day in Their Life”.

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Canadian PA Blog

Dive into the Canadian PA Blog – where I started writing about the PA profession shortly after becoming a PA! Here are articles about the PA profession, as well as interviews with current PA students and practicing Canadian PAs.


PAs are changing health care in Canada

Join over 2200 other subscribers to learn what its like to be a Physician Assistant in Canada! Everything from what its like to work across different specialties across Canada AND to how to apply to Canadian PA programs.

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