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About the Canadian PA Blog

Launched in 2017, the Canadian PA Blog is a resource and community for anyone who wants to learn more about the Physician Assistant Profession in Canada.

Finding information on PAs in Canada was difficult. When I was first looking into the PA program back in 2008, all I had was information from the CAPA website, PA Programs, and American PA sites. I luckily had an opportunity to have coffee with a 1st year PA student from class of 2010 who let me know first hand what the PA program was like. Given my love of tech and millennial tendency to share what I’ve learned on social media, starting a blog seemed like a natural first step.

This blog was established as a way to save myself time, as I found a lot of prospective PA students would email me the same questions over and over.  The answers to these questions were saved in the draft section of my gmail where I would tweak the answers based on new information. These “drafts” soon transformed into a blog.

The blog did start as an  “archive of useful Questions and Answers” to common PA questions, but was soon used to write about PA advocacy, and document the experiences and challenges that I was seeing with the PA profession in Ontario. Blog post ideas came from questions I got from students, or ones I had seen posed in Facebook and public forums. Over the years this grew into the go-to resource for anyone looking to start as a PA profession in Canada.

If you’re interested in learning to navigate the PA admissions process, how to obtain PA employment in Canada, and issues in Canadian Health Care impacting PAs you’ve come to the right place! Articles and pieces here are written by practicing PAs and PA students in Canada, who give you a first hand look at their experiences, providing insight and advice.

About the Canadian Physician Assistants behind the blog

Anne DangI’m Anne, a graduate of the McMaster University Physician Assistant Education Program, Class of 2011. I entered the program straight out my undergraduate studies, which was a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) at McMaster as well.

I now practice in Orthopaedic Surgery full time, and more recently in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation on a part time basis, both in private practice settings. I’m extremely grateful to have supervising physicians who are also mentors and are really invested in helping us grow as clinicians.

Outside of clinic, I enjoy remaining active in the Physician Assistant Community. I enjoy sharing information, mentoring, teaching, and presenting. I’ve always enjoyed graphic and web-design as a hobby, and have found away to turn my love for tech and social media into a medium to help promote the Physician Assistant Profession.

Ohood ElzibakI’m Ohood and I’m a graduate of McMaster University’s inaugural Physician Assistant class (2010).  I practice in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery, specializing in arthroscopy and sports orthopaedics.  Being part of the first cohort of PAs in Canada certainly had its challenges, but it also gave me the opportunity to serve as a pioneer and an advocate for the profession.

I completed my Master’s degree in PA Studies in 2011 and have been involved in PA teaching, mentorship, research and advocacy.  In 2016, I was awarded the National Physician Assistant Educator of the Year Award by the Canadian PA Education Association.  Aside from working with students, I enjoy helping PA graduates and their employers with the process of PA integration into the workforce.  Becoming a PA was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date and has allowed me to balance my roles as wife, mom, healthcare professional and avid soccer player.

I’m Sahand and I am a graduate from McMaster University’s PA Program where I served as the class president and was the first recipient of the John Cunnington PA Advocacy award. I am currently employed as an Emergency Medicine PA in downtown Toronto and have been involved in the clinical training/education of many PA Students, Medical Students, Residents, and Nurses throughout my career.

I am also heavily involved in PA Advocacy at both an academic and political level in varying roles. From the moment I became a PA student – I have taken pride in being able to mentor numerous prospective students on what it means to be a PA and have provided guidance on how they can pursue this dream. I have previously been involved with PA admissions, advised current students on the challenges they face during the programs and their careers and assisted numerous colleagues on navigating the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system as it relates to PAs.

What you can expect from the blog

  • Helpful content to help you develop your PA career wherever you are in the journey, including tips on Pre-PA Admissions, resources for current PA students & tools for practising PAs.
  • Support and answers to your questions over in our Facebook Community for Canadian Pre-PA Students.
  • Coverage of any significant happenings in the PA community with regards to advocacy and PA education (e.g. conferences, new advocacy initiatives, deadlines for admissions) through blog posts and letters written once a month to our email subscribers

Each post is written with detail, research, with goal of clarifying any questions. If we didn’t answer a particular question feel free to post in the comment section of any blog post.

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