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Interview with the Ontario PA Chapter President

Deniece O'Leary Q&A with Ontario's PA Chapter President

I first met Deniece when I was in my very first year at the McMaster Physician Assistant Program back in September 2010. She was an American trained Physician Assistant who was recruited from California to teach at the PA program at McMaster by our then dean, Dr. John Cunnington. Deniece taught our PBL courses and IER (interview, examination and reasoning) classes. She now practices in Family Medicine, and Orthopaedic Surgery, while also teaching at the PA Consortium Program.

In addition to being one of the first PA clinical instructors in Ontario, Deniece has taken on a multitude of initiatives to help move the PA profession forward as Ontario’s Physician Assistant Chapter President.

I often get asked, “How is the PA profession doing in Ontario?”  Deniece is probably the best person to answer this question. I’ve gotten to know Deniece as a colleague now since she was recently hired to replace a maternity leave at my clinic. Through some small talk I quickly learned about her involvement with different PA initiatives and important stakeholder meetings. Recently I had an opportunity to sit down and interview Deniece, and had a great conversation about her contributions and vision for the PA profession moving forward.

Update: Deniece was also re-elected as Ontario Chapter President and will be serving Ontario PAs for another 2 years!

Ontario PA Chapter


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