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Tips to Maximize your PA Shadowing Experience

Tips for your Physician Assistant Shadowing Experience

Shadowing experiences are extremely valuable and something I wish I had taken advantage of when I was exploring different health care careers. As a shy, undergraduate student – I had the self-limiting belief that shadowing experiences were available only to those who were “well connected”, or those that had friends or family members who worked in health care fields that they could easily facilitate that connection. Now I know much better, and find that shadowing experiences may be available to you if you take initiative and are persistent. Also – shadowing experiences are not necessary to get into your program of choice, that a conversation with a PA can also be just as helpful.

For this post, I also did a Q&A with a Pre-PA Student Levine who writes about how she obtained her PA shadowing experience and what she learned. Jump to the bottom of this post to learn more!  Don’t forget to grab your freebie for this post. 

Why it helps to shadow a PA

  • Rather than reading about what health care professions do, you are given the opportunity of an inside look as to what the day to day of a PA would look like.
  • Seeing a PA work will deepen your understanding of the PA profession and help you better determine if the profession is a

PA Lobby Day

On September 13, 2017 50+ PAs descending upon the Ontario Legislative Assembly in Queen's Park, Toronto to speak to their local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) about the Physician Assistant profession and how the health care system needs to better integrate PAs.  This


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