Coaching for Canadian PA Admissions

From experienced Canadian Physician Assistants. 


Our goal is to help students like you who are PASSIONATE about medicine and health care and are exploring the Physician Assistant career as an option. 

You’ve done the research about the PA profession, and you are looking for more direction & guidance. 

You’ll receive direct feedback and mentoring to help boost your efforts and will ultimately develop a strategic approach to Canadian PA school admissions. 


Our Canadian PA coaches have gone through the rigour of PA admissions and succeeded. They now practice as Canadian PAs. Get insight on the day to day, admissions and more!


You’ll receive personalized mentoring tips based on your specific strengths and weaknesses. You'll also receive a review of your experiences and be provided actionable tips to help you round out your application.


Are you looking to just research the PA profession? Do you want to learn more about meeting PA admission requirements or improving your GPA? Do you want an assessment of your CV and experiences? We also coach on the MMI and supplementary applications.

First, take a moment to identify where you are in the PA Admissions process:

  • Are you learning about PAs in Canada?  
  • Are you finding out if you meet PA admission requirements?  
  • Are you trying to optimize your GPA and improve your soft skills?  
  • Are you preparing for the supplementary application?  
  • Are you getting ready to interview at the MMI?  
  • Next, have you identified the areas where you are doing well and the areas that you are struggling with?

Our coaching is for you if you are looking to boost your PA application.  

We’ll share the strategies and approaches that we used to succeed, as well as our comprehensive knowledge of the PA profession and admission process to help you stand out. 

Areas of PA Coaching

  • Pre-PA Assessment of your Experiences and GPA 
  • Canadian PA Programs 
  • Canadian PA Admissions 
  • Information about PAs practicing in Canada 
  • PA Supplemental Application Review / Prep 
  • General Inquiries about PAs

Work with Experienced Canadian PAs!

We’re Canadian trained, and Canadian practicing Physician Assistants and we coach students who are at any stage of the PA admissions process and who are looking to get personalized mentoring in order to become stronger and more competitive PA candidates.  




  • Our Pre-PA coaches have mentored and advised pre-PA students - PA students and fellow PA colleagues on performance, communication skills, and leadership experience pertaining to Canadian PA Programs and the PA Profession.
  • All of our coaches have been involved with teaching at PA programs - teaching sessions in 1st year and taking on clinical clerkship students in 2nd year. We are very familiar with the candidates that make it in. 
  • We have been involved in PA admissions – both the supplementary application process and MMI interviews - as an interviewer and interviewee. 
  • Our PA coaches stay on top of trends in the PA profession and PA employment.

Our Process of PA Coaching

Fill out the Coaching Survey Request

The very first step involves completing our "Request for Coaching" Form, which will allow our Coaches to get to know you and prepare for your Coaching Session. 

Pick a coaching service

We offer various types of coaching services, here you will finalize what you'd like to focus on. 

Arrange for a time

Once you have selected a coaching service, you and your PA coach will coordinate a time to meet. 

One-one-Coaching Session

Your coaching session takes place. 


You'll receive a follow-up email summarizing important points an next steps. You may also opt to sign up for another coaching session, whether in a few weeks or months from your first session if you progress to the next stage of PA Admissions. 

Receive your Coaching Bonus!

After you have completed your coaching session, you'll receive your coaching bonus (see below)!


 Hannah PA Graduate 

"When I was considering applying to McMaster’s Physician Assistant program, Sahand made himself available to me to answer questions about the PA program and the profession. Not only did Sahand take time to talk to me over email and Skype, but he offered advice on relevant reading material and tips for interviewing. Sahand was unbelievably welcoming and kind to me and was transparent and thorough in explaining the nuances of everything “PA”. Throughout my application process and continuing into the PA program, Sahand supported myself and my colleagues on both an academic and a personal level. There is no one I could recommend more strongly as a mentor for anyone considering the Physician Assistant profession."

Dhanya PA Graduate 

"Anne has been a phenomenal mentor who consistently went above and beyond to ensure my success all the way from an aspiring pre-PA student, to a new PA graduate. From very early on, she became invested in me, by taking the time to get to know me and to provide me with all the resources and support I needed to help navigate and excel in this relatively new, unique and exciting profession. From advising on job prospects, to providing educational/clinical resources and tips, to enhancing my resume/cover letters – Anne supported me every step of the way.  

She is kind, approachable, attentive, and she answered my many questions in a very timely and comprehensive manner. I cannot thank her enough for helping me with all the decisions I needed to make over the last two years in order to get to where I am today. She has helped me with my own understanding of the PA profession from her perspective as a working PA, which has allowed me to become even more confident that this career choice was the right fit for me. Any questions you may have as an aspiring PA, whether it pertains to strengthening your application, advice about your qualifications, format of admission interviews or even just learning more about the profession in general, Anne is the ideal person to talk to.  

She is truly a leader in this profession and her experience, wealth of knowledge and multitude of talents makes her an incredibly valuable resource to anyone who is considering joining the PA profession."

Nat PA Graduate 

"Zlata has been a true professional mentor to me. Her insight into the PA role and schooling from my very first interest in the PA profession helped me to make my path clear. She was instrumental in helping me navigate through courses and finally being a mentor as a new practicing PA. Zlata is there to help you, make things fun and really help give insight into the career."

You Might Be Wondering...

What about American PA Coaches?

There are many high quality American PA coaches! However, these PAs practice outside of the Canadian system which comes with different challenges and different care philosophies. These PA coaches also have experiences specific to the US PA Admissions process - a process entirely different than Canadian PA Admissions in a number of ways such as: the supplementary applications, GPA requirements, health exprience requirements, pre-requisites and the interviews. 

What is your coaching philosophy ?

Our ultimate goal as practicing PAs, is to use the website to attract strong future PA colleagues to the profession. Specifically, we want individuals who understand, appreciate and take pride in the PA role. We hope that in the future, these individuals will then be able to help further drive the profession forward in the country. Our primary goal is to aid the applicants, who we believe would be an excellent addition to the profession navigate the complicated application process in a specific area that they may be strongly with. As a result, we have put in place a screening process to ensure that the applicants meet our expectations as potential future PA colleagues. 


Do you offer different types of coaching?

YES! We offer traditional coaching for general inquiries, to Pre-PA Assessments, Supplementary Application Reviews, Letter of Reference Reviews, and coaching on the MMI. You'll receive more information once you fill out the questionnaire. 

Do you have a cancellation policy? 

Yes! After you have made the payment you have 48 hour to receive 100% refund. 

Is filling out the questionnaire necessary? Can I just purchase the coaching package immediately?

We want to ensure that everyone who chooses to work with us will be happy to work with us. Understanding where you are in the PA Admissions Process and your goals will help us better prepare for our coaching session. 

Does coaching guarantee that you will get into the PA Program?  

We want to make it clear that this will by no means be a guaranteed ticket into the program and we will not be attempting to sell tips/tricks to our coaching clients on how to “beat the system”. We will only be providing them with the advice needed to optimize their current application and to get the most out of the application process with the skills/experiences that they possess.  

What's Included with PA Coaching?


One-on-One Coaching Session

You will receive one-on-one coaching sessions to help guide you on your journey through PA admissions. We’ll guide you through what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and excel on PA admissions.


Summary of Session with Next Steps

Once we’re done the session, you’ll receive a summary of what was discussed along with your next steps to help you move forward.

Ready to Get Started?

We want to ensure you have the perfect fit with a coach who can help you meet your goals. You’ll get a reply within 2 business days. From there we’ll set up our first coaching session!

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