PA Student Interviews

There are 3 PA Programs in Canada, McMaster University, University of Manitoba and PA Consortium.

Here are interviews with PA students in first and second year.

McMaster PA Student Interviews

Saif McMaster PA Student

1st yr McMaster PA Student

Interview with Saif
McMaster PA Program

RMT to PA Student

Interview with Sarah
McMaster PA Program

My Experience in Clerkship

Interview with Brooke, PAS2
McMaster PA Program

PA Consortium Student Interviews

1st yr PA Consortium Student

Interview with Aurthi
PA Program at UofT

Out-of-Province PA Student

Interview with Kelsi
PA Program UofT

2nd yr PA Consortium Student

Interview with Danielle
PA Program UofT

University of Manitoba PA Students

Life of a Manitoba PA Student

Interview with Carmen
Manitoba MPAS Program

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