Shada, 1st year PA Student at McMaster University

Shada is a 1st year PA student at McMaster University. She sat down with us for a Facebook Live to share how she decided to become a PA and how she prepared for PA Admissions.

Watch or listen to the interview Shada:

What you’ll learn in this interview with Shada:

  • 1:15 How Shada heard about the PA profession
  • 5:13 What drew me to the PA profession
  • 6:20 Speaking to my Family about becoming a PA
  • 8:28 Exploring Different Careers in Health Care
  • 10:56 My Pre-PA Shadowing Experience
  • 14:16 Applying to Canadian PA programs
  • 14:55 Standing out on PA Admissions
  • 18:01 Experiences I attribute to My Success
  • 20:53 Self-Reflective Questions Pre-PAs can Ask
  • 23:01 Habits I had to maintain a good GPA
  • 25:35 How I Prepared for PA Admissions
  • 28:40 My Experience in PA School
  • 31:26 Adjusting to Online learning during COVID-19
  • 33:37 Documenting my PA Journey on Instagram
  • 38:57 What I find challenging about the PA profession

Deciding to Pursue PA

Standing out on PA Admissions

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