Accepted!  McMaster PAEP Student Selina (@selinathepa)

Selina is an incoming McMaster PA student. Here she shares her journey to becoming a PA!

Selina’s Pre-PA Stats


  • McMaster University PA Education Program

# of Attempts:

  • 1st time applicant, successful on 1st attempt


  • HBSc. Medical Sciences, Brock University

Graduate Degree:

  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Brock University


  • 3.75 out of 4.0 OMSAS scale

Health Care Experience Hours:

Note: Selina also applied and gained acceptance to UofT BScPA Program!

Keep in mind McMaster’s PA program DOES NOT require or review health care experience hours for PA Admissions.

1. Medical Attendant:

1550 hours of direct patient care

As a medical attendant, I respond to various hospitals, clinics, and homes, where patients are transported via stretcher in patient transfer ambulances. I conduct patient assessments, obtain medical histories, measure vital signs, give report, and provide moral support. In this position, I work in collaboration with health care professionals while picking up or dropping off patients, and independently while I am attending to patients during transfers. I serve a diverse patient population ranging from neonates to geriatrics, which strengthened my interpersonal skills as I am able to proactively and professionally deliver patient-centred care that ensures both comfort and safety.

2. Field Research Assistant at McMaster University:

350 hours, indirect patient care

As a field research assistant for the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA: McMaster University), I conducted telephone interviews with older adults to gain their consent to participate in a COVID-19 antibody study, and helped them complete a follow-up questionnaire that assess medical history and COVID exposures. I also completed my MPH practicum with the CLSA, where I worked alongside the medications data team to clean and prepare participant medication data for further analysis by researchers.

My interests/hobbies include:

  • Travelling, spending time with family and friends, working out
  • In terms of medicine, my interests include emergency medicine and dermatology, whereas my public health interests include health promotion and health equity.

Why I picked PA

Although working as a medical attendant has exposed me to patient care and the medical environment, I now aspire to enhance my role in medicine.

I have worked with various healthcare professionals; however, my first exposure to physician assistants (PAs) resonated with me, as I admired their unique patient-provider relationship that integrated medical knowledge and patient-centred care.

Further, working as a medical attendant in different areas of medicine has enhanced my interest in many specialties, attracting me to the lateral mobility this profession offers.

As a public health graduate student that has a significant interest in health equity and health promotion, I really appreciate that PAs work with physicians to deliver quality care that decreases wait times, reduces physician burnout, and improves patient outcomes.

Finally, I wanted to become an advocate for a profession that I personally feel can significantly reduce the burden on our healthcare system.

What made me stand out to admissions:

I truly believe that my diverse educational background and healthcare-related positions is what made me stand out to admissions.

I feel as though having an undergraduate degree in medical sciences and a graduate degree in public health really helped me come full circle in the medical field and our healthcare system.

I also feel as though my experience as a medical attendant significantly helped me stand out, as I was able to relate back to many different situations I encountered during my supplemental application and interviews.

Not only this, but this position also allowed me to significantly enhance my communication skills as I worked with patients from across the life course.

My Advice for Pre-PAs

My biggest piece of advice would be to BE YOURSELF! Admissions receive over one thousand applications every cycle, and they know when an applicant is trying to be who they want them to be.

The application process can be very long and daunting, but try your best to stay true to yourself and remain calm and confident throughout.

Show them who you really are and why you would be an asset to this profession!

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Now its your turn!

Thank you Selina for sharing your incredible journey to gaining acceptances into PA School!

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