Saif, McMaster PA Student

Saif is a 1st year McMaster Physician Assistant Student. He sat down to discuss his journey from high school, to undergraduate to PA.

Watch or listen to the full interview: 

Video 1: Deciding to Pursue PA

Video 2: My GPA for PA School

Video 3: My Experience at McMaster’s PA Program

Video 4: Tips for the McMaster PA Supplemental Application

Video 5: The Multi-Mini Interview for McMaster’s PA Program

Video 6: The Ideal PA Student

Video 7: Tips for Students Deciding between PA vs. MD

Video 8: Talking to your Parents about becoming a PA

About Saif

Saif McMaster PA StudentHello! My name is Saif and I’m a 1st year physician assistant student at McMaster University. I grew up in Hamilton Ontario and obtained a BSc in Kinesiology at McMaster right before entering the PA program. Since I can I remember, my most defining passion has always been dance, specifically hip hop. Another significant passion of mine is having deep and meaningful conversations about any topic with anyone who is willing. My final burning passion is travelling which I only recently acquired shortly after backpacking Europe by myself for a month.

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