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    How to become a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant

    7 Steps to Become a Physician Assistant in Canada Here we discuss how to become a Certified Physician Assistant in Canada. Keep in mind this is a rough outline – the official Canadian Physician Assistant association and Physician Assistant programs in

    How to shadow a Physician Assistant in Canada

    PRE-PA • BY ANNE, CCPA How to Shadow a Physician Assistant in Canada Shadowing is a great way to learn about how PAs practice, the nature of the PA/MD relationship, how a PA is incorporated in a

    What can I do to strengthen my PA application?

    PA ADMISSIONS • BY ANNE, CCPA What can I do to strengthen my PA application? In the long term: Work on developing yourself, achieving good grades in school, expanding your experiences both in and outside the classroom

    • What courses should I take to stand out on PA Admissions

    What courses should I take to stand out on PA Admissions?

    PA ADMISSIONS • BY ANNE, CCPA What Undergraduate Courses to take for PA admissions Every Canadian Physician Assistant program has different admission requirements to secure a spot at their school. Some schools have required coursework, while others

    • The Physician Assistant and Physician Relationshp Explained

    Explaining the PA-supervising MD relationship

    LEARN MORE ABOUT PAs • BY ANNE, CCPA How the PA/MD Relationship Works There are various models for what a Physician Assistant and Supervising Physician relationship may look like. The relationship can vary by practice setting (in

    • IMGs becoming Physician Assistants

    Can an IMG become a Physician Assistant?

    PA ADMISSIONS • INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL GRADUATES Can an IMG become a Physician Assistant? International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are Physicians who were trained outside of Canada. Apart from acclimating to a different country, different weather,

    Living & Working in Canada as an American PA

    PA PRACTICE • INTERNATIONAL RECIPROCITY Can American PAs work in Canada? Yes, American certified Physician Assistants may work in Canada. American PAs who have successfully completed an accredited American Physician Assistant Program, and challenged and passed the

    How do new Ontario PA Graduates Obtain Jobs?

    A large proponent on deciding a career and then going through the process of applying to a PA program, like any professional school, is determining what the job market is for that profession.  If you want to know the specifics of how a newly minted

    Q&A McMaster PA Program

    PA ADMISSIONS • MCMASTER UNIVERSITY McMaster PA Info Night: Q&A At the end of the McMaster PA Program info night on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, the Assistant Dean Kristen Burrows and Academic Coordinator Nancy Aza fielded questions