Combating Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome in Your Pre-PA Journey

This post was inspired by all the Pre-PAs that have written and messaged me asking for tips on how to handle the uncertainty and self-doubt that comes with admissions. Here I share a few tips on how to combat self-doubt and imposter syndrome during your Pre-PA Journey.

Imposter syndrome is NOT a reflection of your self-efficacy and capabilities as an individual. It commonly affects higher-achievers and may be more associated with perfectionists.

And in speaking with Pre-PAs, it seems to be a common theme that is not often talked about.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is a collection of persistent feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and a sense of ‘feeling like a fraud’ despite past evident successes in your life. It is also when you have difficulty internalizing your accomplishments no matter how successful you are in your field or area of study.

– G. Corkindale, HBR

Imposter Syndrome in a Pre-PA can sound like…

“I am not competitive enough to apply, I shouldn’t bother trying.”

“Even though I meet minimum requirements to apply to PA school, I’m afraid my GPA and application aren’t good enough to get in.”

“I don’t look or sound like an “ideal” Pre-PA Candidate”

“I’m having trouble staying motivated, PA school seems too competitive.”

Addressing Imposter Syndrome as a Pre-PA

Now it’s your turn!

Did this post resonate with you? Any tips or suggestions for others on how to address or overcome these feelings. Tell us in the comments below. ⤵️

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