Precepting PA Students: Tips & Perspective from a Clinical Preceptor

When a PA student starts 2nd year PA Clinical Rotations, it often begins with one of the core rotations: Family Medicine, Emergency, Surgery, Internal Medicine, other.

There are some students who begin with an elective rotation – and in McMaster PA Student’s Brooke’s case she started with Radiation Oncology – an intense rotation to begin clinical year with!

Maitry, UHN PA at Princess Margaret Hospital was her preceptor – and reached out to me after Brooke had just completed a complex clinical case presentation to a group of radiation oncologists and fellows at Tumor Boards.

Medical Education, and mentoring PA students is an important part of PA advocacy and building up the profession. Maitry shares how she approaches preceptorship and what she expects from her PA students.

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When I have elective PA students, I make it a point to conduct at least a few half academic half-day. Meet @brookemgrant Brooke, a current McMaster PAEP student, who started her second year with an intense oncology rotation. We have covered topics such as use of tumor markers, reading conventional imaging, interpreting oncologic pathology details, and how PAs can improve health literacy. Today, we switched the gears a little bit. • • Alongside a few other PA students, we just wrapped up a resume writing workshop for PA students starting their second year of clerkship rotations. Why so early? You may ask. • • I am a strong believer that it’s never too late to start branding yourself. You are an individual identity and employers need to see that. We not only spoke about the rules of writing resumes for a new graduate but also how to highlight pertinent experience. • • When 40-50 other students are graduating with same degree & very similar clerkship experience, it’s integral to ensure that each individual stands out for the right reasons. Someone’s research experience may make them an ideal candidate for an academic position and another’s kinesiology background may help them tread their path to becoming an orthopedic PA. • • We ended our busy day with an interview by the one and only Anne Dang, speaking about Brooke’s experience. It warms my heart to see such bright young minds who will join the work force in less time than I can imagine.

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