Where to find Physician Assistant Jobs in Canada

1. CAPA PA Job Listings

Membership required. The Canadian Association of Physician Assistant website is often the first resource employers access when they are interested in hiring a PA. These employers will often contact CAPA, who will post the job listing for free on the website. What’s great about this job board is that the majority of CAPA members who have access to this job board are Canadian PA students and Certified Canadian and American Physician Assistants. These area is frequently checked by PAs looking for employment.

Screenshots of the CAPA PA Job Listing:

Go to CAPA

2. HealthForceOntario PA Initiative Website

These are publicly listed, Ontario specific jobs.  From time to time, employers will request to have these jobs posted at Health Force Ontario website. These are accessible publicly and some of these job postings are also found on the CAPA website as well.

Health Force Ontario is also the body that releases new grad funded jobs, however, these are not publicly available for viewing.

Physician Assistant Jobs

Screenshot of PA job listings

Go to HFO Job listings

3. Hospital Specific HR Websites

Hospital Human Resources websites often have their own job listing and posting system. This would either require entering “[Name os hospital] physician assistant job” in a google search to find it, or browsing through different hospital websites in their “Careers” section. Sometimes these job postings are publicly available, other times they are accessible only via “internal” means (e.g. only on the hospital intranet server).

Physician Assistant job in a Hospital HR website

Screenshot of a hospital HR website advertising a Physician Assistant Job

4. Manitoba Regional Health Authority Career Websites

5. Job Search Engines (e.g. Indeed.ca, Monster.com, etc.)

These public sites are a free-for-all for job postings. Employers submit their job postings which are automatically approved and posted for public viewing. They pay a nominal fee to have the jobs appear first or for longer durations.

Our Orthopaedic Clinic posted a job on Indeed for a part time position to cover a maternity leave. I was overseeing the resumes coming in, and had specifically included in the qualifications, “Canadian Certified Physician Assistant (CCPA) or American Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C)”. Although we did receive resumes for candidates who did qualify, we received an overwhelming response from International Medical Graduates, administrative assistants, Physiotherapy Assistants, and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

Nonetheless, the PA jobs you find here posted on Indeed can often be found on the CAPA Job Listing page.

Physician Assistant Jobs on Indeed.

Indeed does not always accurately capture what jobs are available for Physician Assistants

Go to PA Job Listings at Indeed.ca

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Job Search Engine will reveal results of employers (private clinics/hospitals) who share their job postings! You can apply directly onto the site.

When inputting your search ensure you have “Jobs” selected, and put “physician assistant” in quotes so that it looks specifically for job postings that contain the text “Physician Assistant”. This reduces the likelihood that you will get unrelated results (e.g. physician jobs, administrative assistant).

Go to PA Job Listings on LinkedIn

7. PA Networking Facebook Groups

There are quite a few Canadian PA Facebook Groups that are used for networking and job postings. Several are closed / secret and members that are approved are often Canadian Certified or current PA students. What’s great about these groups is that jobs that are shared are often by fellow PAs, and from an employer perspective the jobs advertised in these groups are to specifically qualified PAs (CCPAs, or PA-Cs).

The CAPA Facebook group is a closed community (contact admin@capa-acam.ca to request joining) and you must be a member of CAPA in order to join. For any Ontario specific groups, you must contact the Ontario Chapter president to request to be added and find out requirements for joining.

Have any other resources for job listings in Canada? Let me know in the comments below!

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