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  • Canadian Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine

Q&A with a Canadian Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

PA PROFILE • BY SAHAND ENSAFI, CCPA Life as an Emergency Medicine PA From Anne: Sahand is a McMaster PA grad graduating from Class of 2013. He served as the McMaster PA Student Association (MPASA) President for his class, and has been an advocate for the PA Profession. He now works in Emergency Medicine at University

A Day in the Life of an Internal Medicine & Critical Care PA

PA PROFILE • BY KEN CROSBY, CCPA Life as a Canadian PA in Internal Medicine & Critical Care Ken is a Canadian Certified PA and graduate of the Consortium of PA Education (University of Toronto, Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and Michener Institute) Class of 2015. He now works in North Bay Regional Health Centre,

PA Practice in Manitoba vs. Ontario

PA PRACTICE • BY NATALIE DIES, CCPA PA Practice in Manitoba vs. Ontario Natalie Dies is a graduate of the McMaster PA Education Program, Class of 2012 and is one of the few PAs in Canada who has worked in 3 different provinces for her PA career. Her journey started in Ontario. Natalie completed many of

  • Expert Legal Advice for PAs

Expert Legal Advice for Physician Assistants

We had a lawyer come in for a session on legal advice. 60% of the audience was from Ontario, and 40% were from Manitoba. What do we mean by professional practice? Professional practice is a term to all professions. To conduction and work a professional rendered within framework of framework of recognized professional, ethics, standards and

The PA experience in Manitoba – Primary Care and Beyond

We had a session on Primary Care in Manitoba, presented by Sheldon Permack, MD, FCFP, and Scott Naherniak, CCPA , a PA-MD team who work together in Primary Care in Manitoba. They spoke about their experience, and the difference in patient care once a PA was introduced into practice.   Although I feel very well versed about how PAs function in Ontario,

Tips on Implementing Medical Directives

PA PRACTICE • ONTARIO Tips on Implementing Medical Directives At last year’s CAPA conference I attended a session on Medical Directives and produced a primer on Medical Directives for practicing PAs in Ontario based off that session. I was pleased to see that CAPA offered yet another Medical Directive session, and I was hoping to

Physician Assistant Role in Indigenous Health

There has been difficulty providing health care access to Indigenous Communities in Manitoba for several reasons: Lack of health care facilities in rural and remote communities: For example, some communities are 200 km away from the nearest Emergency. There is a large reliance on ambulances. Physician Retention in Manitoba: There has been difficulty recruiting physicians to work in remote communities, within 100 km of Winnipeg,

Research in Physician Assistant Education & Practice

On Thursday, October 27, I flew in with my PA colleague to Winnipeg, a province which I had never been to before in order to take advantage of one of the Pre-Conference Workshops run by the The Canadian Physician Assistant Education Association (CPAEA). My colleague and I have been looking forward to this session as we have presented research posters at

  • A Primer on Medical Directives

A Primer on Medical Directives for Physician Assistants

PA PRACTICE • ONTARIO A Primer on Medical Directives for Physician Assistants Angela Cassell, CCPA and Deniece O'Leary, incoming CAPA Ontario Chapter President presented a great session on Medical Directives at this past Annual CAPA Conference that took place in Toronto.  I know a large challenge for PAs is that there aren't a lot of

  • Physician Assistant Experience New Brunswick

Physician Assistants in New Brunswick

"The New Brunswick Physician Assistant Experience" presented by Dr. Graeme Young, MD, FRCPC (EM), Dip. Sports Medicine for the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Annual PA Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 25, 2014. One of the most compelling sessions I attended at the CAPA conference was about the New Brunswick experience with Physician Assistants