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Twitter 101 for PAs

A four part series on how to get started on twitter. Learn Why PAs need to get on Twitter, how to get started on Twitter, How to participate in Tweet Chats and the Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter.

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  • PA Advocacy and Podcasting Becky Mueller

Podcasting & PA Advocacy

PA ADVOCACY • BY BECKY MUELLER, PA Podcasting and PA Advocacy Becky Mueller is an American trained PA who practices in Canada. She worked in Oncology, before switching to a job in Palliative Care.  Meet the PAs & PA Helpers Canada Meet the PAs podcast probably bridged out of PA Helpers. We started working on PA

How PA Leadership Can Advance your PA Career

PRACTICING PAs • BY BIANCA BELCHER, PA-C How PA Leadership can Advance your PA Career  From Anne: I first came across Bianca when she kept a blog about her journey through PA school. Since then Bianca has done tremendous work in education, research and PA leadership. She kindly agreed to write a post about the importance of PA leadership.

How to use Instagram for PA Advocacy

PA ADVOCACY • SOCIAL MEDIA How to use Instagram for PA Advocacy During the past Canadian PA Conference in Ottawa, Ontario, I was invited to speak about leveraging social media to advance the PA profession.  I included a lot of examples of using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. After sitting down, one of my former classmates turned

PA Lobby Day

PA ADVOCACY • ONTARIO Ontario PA Lobby Day On September 13, 2017 50+ PAs descending upon the Ontario Legislative Assembly in Queen's Park, Toronto to speak to their local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) about the Physician Assistant profession and how the health care system needs to better integrate PAs.  This event was called "PA

  • What Canada can learn from the American PA Journey

Lessons Canada can learn from the American PA Journey

When I approached Dave about writing a guest post for the blog, he requested an audio interview - which I thought was a fantastic idea! I spoke with Maureen Taylor, a Canadian PA who is also a former CBC journalist who agreed to interview Dave. We cover everything from "Physician Associate" instead of "Physician Assistant", working with other health care groups,

  • Deniece O'Leary Q&A with Ontario's PA Chapter President

Interview with the Ontario PA Chapter President

PA ADVOCACY • WITH DENIECE O'LEARY, PA-C Interview with the Ontario PA Chapter President I first met Deniece when I was in my very first year at the McMaster Physician Assistant Program back in September 2010. She was an American trained Physician Assistant who was recruited from California to teach at the PA program at McMaster by

  • PA Advocacy

How PAs can participate in PA Advocacy

PA PRACTICE • ADVOCACY How PAs can participate in PA Advocacy Merriam-Webster defines Advocate as, "to support or argue for (a cause or policy)". Physician Assistants are natural advocates, this is required as part of training as outlined by  CanMeds-PA . We use our expertise and knowledge to positively influence the health of Canadian patients. This

How to Participate in Tweet Chats

Apart from posting twitter updates, twitter has been used to host 1 hour "tweet chats" around different topics of conversations.  Twitter chats allow twitter users to meet at a designated time and have live conversations using hashtags. What are examples of Twitter Chats? This article from Tweet Reports outlines many tweet chats, when they take

Conference Board of Canada Study: Value of PAs in Ontario

There have been two Conference Board of Canada reports published on the Value of PAs and Gaining Efficiency. Since release of the report there has been 21+ media reports about PAs, highlighting how PAs could help relieve strain on health care system. Download the Conference Board of Canada Reports Report 1: Report 2: Free registration in order

The PA experience in Manitoba – Primary Care and Beyond

We had a session on Primary Care in Manitoba, presented by Sheldon Permack, MD, FCFP, and Scott Naherniak, CCPA , a PA-MD team who work together in Primary Care in Manitoba. They spoke about their experience, and the difference in patient care once a PA was introduced into practice.   Although I feel very well versed about how PAs function in Ontario,

  • Physician Assistant Experience New Brunswick

Physician Assistants in New Brunswick

"The New Brunswick Physician Assistant Experience" presented by Dr. Graeme Young, MD, FRCPC (EM), Dip. Sports Medicine for the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Annual PA Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 25, 2014. One of the most compelling sessions I attended at the CAPA conference was about the New Brunswick experience with Physician Assistants

  • Twitter Etiquette for Physician Assistants

Twitter Etiquette for Physician Assistants

PA ADVOCACY • SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter Etiquette for PAs We have already written about Why Physician Assistants need to get on Twitter, as well as the basics of Signing up for Twitter Account and how to post updates. Here are some quick helpful tips to get the most of your experience on this social media

How to use Twitter Hashtags

PA ADVOCACY • SOCIAL MEDIA How to use Health Care Hashtags Twitter is a social media platform where conversations take place. Hashtags are a tool that health care professionals can use to promote their profession, discuss issues around health topics, and to build community with healthcare stake holders - whether thats other health care professionals,

  • How to use Twitter for PA Advocacy

A Guide to Setting up your Twitter Account

PA ADVOCACY • SOCIAL MEDIA How to Setup your Twitter Account Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great mediums to read articles and follow health care organizations, research and news. It's important to keep up with your industry - for PAs that would be medicine - and trends in patient care and Canadian

  • Why Physician Assistants Need to Get on Twitter

Why Physician Assistants need to get on Twitter

PA ADVOCACY • SOCIAL MEDIA Why Physician Assistants need to get on Twitter Working with social media savvy Joanna Chan, I've learned a tremendous amount about the impact that twitter can have on advancing the PA profession. We can use the tools that are available to us (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to reach out to