Canadian PA Students

There are 4 PA Programs in Canada - McMaster University, PA Consortium (University of Toronto, Michener Institute, Northern Ontario School of Medicine), University of Manitoba's Masters of PA Studies, and Canadian Forces Military PA Program.

1st year PA Students

1st year PA school involves classroom learning that includes learning medical foundations, patient assessment and examination skills, as well as clinical placement and observerships. Each PA Program delivers their curriculum using different styles.

“First year has been conceptually thought of as ‘trying to drink water from a fire hydrant’. It is fast, furious, high pressured, and seems like you will never catch it all, obtain it all, retain it all. The nice thing is, you don’t have to capture or retain it all, it is just the framework so that when you encounter it again (you will), you can add the information back into that framework.”
Viet, Cardiology PA

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2nd year PA Students

In 2nd year PA School, students complete clinical rotations in 4-12 weeks blocks at a time in different areas of medicine including Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery and more.


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