Accepted! UofT BScPA Student Natalie (@midwifetopa)

Natalie is an incoming University of Toronto BScPA Student. You can follow her journey at @midwifetopa.

Natalie’s Pre-PA Stats


  • University of Toronto, PA Consortium


  • BHSc. Human Kinetics from University of Ottawa (2001)
  • BHSc. Midwifery from McMaster University (2007)


  • Cumulative GPA 3.65 out of 4.0 on the OMSAS scale

Health Care Experience Hours:

  • Registered midwife in Ontario and Alberta >10,000

My Interests and Hobbies:

  • My interests include knitting (and anything crafty), photography, hiking, camping, riding my vintage Vespa, exploring new restaurants/cuisines, and definitely spending time with my family!

Fun Facts:

  •  I’m a mature applicant (turning 43).
  • I’m a Mom of a 10-year-old daughter
  • I currently live in Calgary, Alberta

Why I decided to pursue the PA profession

I’ve had the pleasure of being a Registered Midwife for the past fourteen years. While this profession has been extremely rewarding it also comes with its own challenges.

I really wanted to be able to stay in a primarily patient-focused role while having the option of lateral mobility and a better work-life balance. PA seemed like a perfect fit for me!

What I think helped me stand out on PA Admissions

I definitely think my health care experience as a primary care provider worked in my favour and also a reason why I choose to apply exclusively to the University of Toronto PA program. I also think I had a strong referee who was able to strengthen my application. I just tried to be genuine and thoughtful in all my responses – hopefully, that helped as well.

My tips for Canadian Pre-PA Applicants

I don’t think you have to have it all figured out right from the very beginning. The application process allows for a lot of preparation as you move through the steps. Just take it one step at a time and it won’t be so overwhelming. I would encourage applicants to do a lot of research. My starting point was always the Canadian PA website but I also found many great YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts of people who have gone through the process and have had sage words of advice.

Connect with Natalie! (@midwifetopa)

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. The PA and student PA community is very welcoming and usually very eager to help!

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Now it’s your turn!

Thank you Natalie for sharing your incredible journey to gaining acceptance into PA School!

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