Accepted! Manitoba MPAS Student Miyo (@theshortandsweetpa)

Miyo is a first-year Manitoba MPAS Student and here she shares some tips for prospective students looking to apply to Manitoba’s PA program. You can follow Miyo’s journey through PA school on Instagram @theshortandsweetpa.

Miyo’s Pre-PA Stats


  • Manitoba Master of PA Studies, Class of 2023


  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Bachelor in Health Sciences (80 credits)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Montessori Education


  • 4.0 out of 4.5 on the Manitoba GPA Scale

Work Experiences

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Coordinator
  • Research Assistant
  • Pre-School Supervisor

Volunteering Experiences

  • Pediatric Unit, Neonatal Care Unit, Geriatric Unit, and Psychiatric Unit
  • Cancer Care Manitoba
  • Blood Pressure Clinic
  • WISH Clinic
  • Soup Kitchens,
  • Mentor for Indigenous Youth
  • English Online Mentor for New Immigrants

About Miyo

I went to high school in Sri Lanka and came to Manitoba as a teacher. Working in healthcare has always been my dream and this opportunity was the best way to attain an education overseas. Some of my interests are travelling, trying new food and reading a good book at a waterfront.

I always doted the sciences and when I started university, I did my first year focussed on a Biology major. Very soon, I realized that University Biology centred a lot on other species and plants, versus the human body which was where my interest lied upon. I was also exposed to Psychology at the same time and fell in love with it! Hence, my first degree is in Psychology as it piqued my interest. During this degree, I took a variety of intriguing psychology courses such as brain and behaviour, Indigenous mental health, drugs and behaviour, human sexuality and much more.

Why I decided to pursue the PA profession

After I completed this degree, I heard about the amazing Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) program at the University of Manitoba. I looked into qualifying for the program and discovered that some recommended courses, such as Microbiology, are not courses that I have taken. During this time, I had also been working as a Research Assistant in health sciences and community health-based research. Therefore, I began a second degree in Health Sciences.

While doing this degree, I applied to the MPAS program and got accepted the first cycle! Being a PA will allow me to be a generalist in medicine while addressing gaps in health care, a cause that is very dear to me since I lost my grandfather due to long wait times. In my application, I believe that my experience as a volunteer in many health care settings, a research assistant, a preschool supervisor and a vaccine clinic coordinator stood out most prominently.

My tips for Canadian Pre-PA Applicants

There are very few differences between my classmates and I regarding educational achievements, but we all have very different life/work/volunteer experiences.

To those of you preparing for PA school, my advice to you is to accumulate as many unique experiences as you can, whether they be volunteering, employment, or even life experiences. This is how you can stand out (while maintaining a competitive GPA). As part of the MPAS application, our letter of intent is important, which was 1000 words when I applied.

Show how unique you are and how you are more than a statistic; show how you will be a valuable addition to this program; express why the program should choose you!

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Now it’s your turn!

Thank you Miyo for sharing your incredible journey to gaining acceptance into PA School!

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