Guide to the McMaster PA Supplementary Application (Kira Talent)

A PA supplemental Application provides applicants with the opportunity to provide MORE information to the admissions committee to demonstrate their suitability for the program.

Each PA program has a different version of how they do the “PA Supplemental Application”.

Important Note & Disclaimer

Just a reminder that this blog is not affiliated with the McMaster PA program. Information presented here in this post is based on the McMaster PA program website, info sessions and interviews from the Canadian PA Youtube Channel, and from Q&A that has taken place on the Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group.

It is up to the candidate to verify the information they are reading about the admissions process is accurate. Always check the official McMaster PA program website and communications from the McMaster PA program (via emails to applicants) for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

This post was last updated on February 10, 2022.

Overview of the McMaster PA Supplemental Application

McMaster’s approach to the PA Supplemental Application is different. Questions are NOT provided ahead of time (like they are with University of Toronto or University of Manitoba).

Kira Talent Questions and Answers

1) The McMaster PA Supplemental Application is a video/written interview that you do online at home.

  • You must have a good internet connection and webcam.
  • You are not interacting with another person during Kira Talent.

2) Questions for the McMaster PA Supplemental Application are released in late February, and you have 7 days to complete the application.

  • After applying to the PA program by submitting your OUAC application with GPA transcripts, candidates will receive a link from the program to complete the PA Supp App if they meet minimum requirements from the program by the end of February.

3) When you get access to your Kira Talent app, you have to complete all the questions in one sitting. This may take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • This means you cannot do 1 question on one day, 2 questions another day within the 7 day period.
  • One sitting means that once you have started the supplemental application, you have to complete all the questions within a limited period of time without stopping.

4) The VIDEO questions are broken down into two parts:

  • Part 1: Time to prepare (read the question, brainstorm ideas)
  • Part 2: Provide your answer by recording your video response

5) WRITTEN responses have no “prep” time, you just start typing.

  • Unlike video responses that have a “prep” time before you can start recording your response, typewritten Kira talent questions allow you to start typing your response right away.

6) Responses are time-limited.

  • You do not have unlimited time to answer the questions.
  • There will be a timer on the screen indicating how much time you have to record your video response or type out your answer.

7) Once you submit each question, you cannot go back and re-write or re-record your responses.

  • This means you get one opportunity to record your response and what you type or record in your first (and only) attempt is what is submitted to admissions for evaluation.

What is Kira Talent?

Kira Talent is an online admissions process platform that assesses candidates through timed video and written questions. It is a Canadian company utilized by health care programs, business and MBA programs.

Candidates complete the Kira Talent assessment (a series of timed videos and written questions). Responses are then sent to the admissions committee where results can be reviewed an unlimited number of times. Candidates are assessed on different competencies and suitability/fit for the PA program.

What role does Kira Talent play in the admissions process?

Kira talent is the assessment that takes place BEFORE the final PA school interview (which is in the style of Multi-Mini Interview).

Your performance on the Kira Talent PA School Supplemental Application will help determine if you secure a spot to participate in the final interview for PA School (the MMI).

  • Step 1: Submit transcripts and other supporting documentation through OUAC.
  • Step 2: After completing OUAC, and if you qualify to apply to the PA program, you will receive a link to complete the PA supplemental application in late February by email. As per the McMaster PA Program website, “qualifying” for the program means:
  • Step 3: Complete the Kira Talent Supplemental Application
    • Everyone who qualifies to apply to the PA program (as outlined in Step 2) gets to complete the Kira Talent Supplemental Application
  • Step 4: Interview at the Multi-Mini Interview (MMI)
    • Selected candidates are then invited to participate in the Virtual Interview.
    • This is the final step in admissions and the last opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the PA program.

Practice vs. Real Kira Talent PA Supplemental Application

In past years, candidates had access to TWO Kira Talent supplemental applications: A PRACTICE supplemental application and the REAL supplemental application.

Use the PRACTICE Kira Talent Supplemental Application (Supp App) to check your tech, and familiarize yourself with the platform

  • When the program releases the PA Supp App in late February you have one week total to complete the REAL Supp App, however during this time you may also have access to a PRACTICE supp app.
  • The Practice Supp App allows you to ensure that your audio, video, and internet connection are working with the Kira Talent platform.
  • The practice supp app also helps you get used to the format and interface of Kira Talent – to see what the timer looks like, what it’s like to type in your answers and record your video responses.
  • Note: The practice questions and timing MAY NOT reflect the actual timing and content of questions you will see on the REAL supp app.
  • DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of completing the REAL Supp App when you intended to do the PRACTICE Supp App. We had one Pre-PA admit in our Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group that they clicked on the REAL supplemental Application thinking it was the link to the practice, and accidentally submitted their “practice” version – do not make this mistake! Double check that you are selecting the PRACTICE Kira Talent Test before proceeding.

The REAL Supplemental Application must be submitted BEFORE the 1-week deadline.

  • When the Supp App is released on February 24, 2022 you have until March 7, 2022 to complete the supp app (1 week). See the PA program website for specific deadline times.
  • Once you start the Kira Talent test is has to be completed in one sitting. You cannot spread the test over several days.
  • As you progress through the questions in the REAL supplemental application, you cannot go back and re-record your video responses, or edit your typewritten responses. Think of it like an in-person PA school interview, you can’t “re-answer a question” verbally once you’ve already answered a question
  • The entire application usually takes less than one hour to complete.
  • Make sure you have decided on a date and time of when to complete the Supp App within the 7 day period. Set yourself up for success:
    • Pick a day that you will not be too busy and the day not too chaotic
    • Ensure there are no interruptions from others at home while you are doing the REAL supp app.
    • Schedule something to look forward to when you’re done! A fun activity, celebrate with a friend, treat yourself!

How to Prepare for the Kira Talent PA Supp App

You do NOT have to wait until you receive the Kira Talent PA Supplemental Application link in late February before you start preparing. Here are a few steps we recommend you take in preparation!

Tips to Practice

Helpful Resources

Videos to Help you Prepare for McMaster’s PA Supp App

Here are videos of McMaster PA students/alumni who share their tips, strategies and resources they used to prepare for the McMaster PA Supplemental Application.

Starting at 3:01 of the above video, there is a 15 minute discussion on tips around the McMaster PA Supp App through Kira Talent.

Did McMaster always use the Kira Talent for the PA Supp App?

McMaster’s PA Supplementary Application has taken on different formats over the years.

In previous years it was a written supplementary application (requiring written responses to different questions, similar to the Uoft PA Supp App).

They have also previously used CASPer test to assess Pre-PA applicants.

At time of writing, McMaster now uses Kira Talent for the PA Supplemental Application. Each year of admissions may be different. Always check PA Program websites and program for most up to date information.

Final Notes

Ready to prepare for the PA Supplemental Application? Good luck with your preparation!

If you have additional questions, feel free to post your question below in the comments, or you can ask in the Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group.

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