McMaster PA Info Night: Highlights of McMaster PA Graduates

Kristen Burrows Assistant Dean of the Program who is also a Class of 2010 graduate. Her presentation highlighted achievements of the program – its students and alumni. She also took time with Nancy Aza to field questions from the audience at the end of the presentation. I’ve summarized Kristen’s presentation here in addition to some of the Q&A from the audience.

Assistant Dean of the BHScPA program Kristen Burrows presents highlights of McMaster Physician Assistant graduates

McMaster PA Grad Facts

  • McMaster PA graduates stay in touch with the program, and provide ongoing feedback and faculty support.
  • There is a high success rate on National Certification Exam
    • 99% pass rate for all 1st time writers
  • National Award Winners at past CAPA conferences:

McMaster Alumni receiving awards at the recent CAPA 2016 Conference in Winnipeg:

PA Research

Although McMaster offers a Bachelor of Health Sciences in PA studies, many PA alumni have been involved in contributing to the world of PA research.


McMaster did win top 3 awards in research at the most recent CAPA 2016 PA Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Graduates of McMaster’s PA program have also contributed to PA research:

Interprofessional Opportunities

McMaster PA Alumni & Students

A number of grads and students have blogged about their experience through the program.


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