You made it!

Congrats on Getting Into PA School!

Welcome to Canadian Physician Assistant Class of 2023!

You’re all set. You will no longer receive emails about PA Admissions, and will receive emails about what to do to prepare for PA school starting this September.

If you got to this page by accident:

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Let me be the first to congratulate you and welcome you to the PA profession!

Nothing worth having comes easy, and you’ve worked extremely hard to get here. And on top of it all, you did it during the midst of a pandemic when all admissions process has gone online.

We did a lot this year: a Pre-PA Meetup (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do in-person meetups since I started the blog!), Instagram and Facebook Lives, answering Pre-questions and resource sharing in our Pre-PA Facebook Group, email tips and adding a lot more PA student interviews this year to get you more resources and better prepared for admissions.

It’s been a privilege to help you out during your journey to PA school. I know we’ll one day encounter each other in person during or after PA school (or maybe even a future PA conference!).

You now have a couple of months before PA school will begin.

It’s hard to say what PA school in September will bring in store, or how classes will be conducted in light of COVID-19.

BUT PA programs will be in touch with you over the next few weeks to give you more information re: orientation to PA school, recommended medical equipment, textbooks, apps resources and link to a Facebook Group for your incoming class (be patient as reps from previous classes get organized).

The next email series you’ll receive over the next few weeks will give you some tips and advice about what to do before PA school begins in September.

In the meantime:

… PRINT AND FRAME that acceptance email.

… Share the news with friends and family

… Update your LinkedIn Profile (and consider adding me too!)

…. Follow the current PA students who are attending the school you’ll be going to this fall, so you’ll get an idea of what to expect for PA school.

… Celebrate what you’ve accomplished and TREAT YOURSELF, you deserve it.


I look forward to staying in touch, and feel free to DM me or drop me an email at if any questions ever come up.


– Anne

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