Interprofessional Education (IPE)

INTERPROFESIONAL education at PA Consortium aurthi physician assistant

There are different requirements in IPE: Core and elective activities.

Throughout the two years of PA School, everyone completes the Core-Curricular Learning Activities and attend in person (online or in person) and you are also expected to complete at least two electives.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: At the beginning of every year, we welcome over 1600 students from 11 Health Science Programs; Dentistry, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Masters of Professional Kinesiology, Medical Radiation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology.

Over the course of the Interprofessional Education Curriculum curriculum, students engage in up to nine core learning activities:  Teamwork: Your Future in Healthcare, Roles of Health Professions and Team Dynamics, Understanding Patient/Client Partnerships in a Team Context, Faculty-Led Learning Activity, Collaborating for Quality, Conflict in Interprofessional Life, Case-Based Learning Activity: Pain Curriculum, Palliative Care and /or Appreciating Roles and Collaboration to Improve Care: Head and Neck Cancer Case, and  IPE Component in a Practice Setting.  Additionally, students complete a minimum number of approved elective learning activities according to the program requirements.  Electives, facilitated by university and clinical faculty, are held on campus and in many practice settings and include interactive sessions, simulations, patient/client/family stories, clinical team-led cases and discussion, student team-based activities, community clinic engagement, as well as facilitated blended learning activities.” –  Centre for Interprofessional Education – University of Toronto

We actually just had one a couple of days ago where it was online and everyone was able attend that on. But sometimes IPE activities are scheduled during Residential Blocks where the PA students are physically located in Toronto.

And then the elective activities is more on how you can learn different concepts or apply different concepts based on your own interest. I’ve done one on death and dying as well as another activity on exercise based on my Kinesiology background.

Purpose of IPE

In IPE, they want you to be aware of your future health care colleagues when you’re working in the healthcare setting. So far I’ve met like PTs, OTs, medical students, speech language pathologists, dentists, pharmacists, and like we would do case studies together or depending on the activity you do like case studies together and everyone  chimes in.

It’s interesting to learn about everyone’s strengths and like their perspective on patient care. And just the recent one to a couple of days ago was focused on involving the, we’re including the patient as part of the team, which is something that we don’t usually think about because we focus on the disease and like different healthcare providers providing solutions to the disease. But also learning about the importance of involving the patient in the discussion.