Intro to the PA Role – Course

Aurthi recounts one of her favourite courses in her first semester at PA Consortium: Intro the PA Role.

Explanation of “Intro to PA Role” Starts at 5:57:

1st year PA program Class – Intro the PA Role with Deniece O’Leary, PA-C

We got an Introduction to the PA Role Class with Deniece O’Leary, and  I particularly enjoyed that course because it gave me a good foundation to understanding the PA profession.

Course Description

PAP 111 Introduction to the Physician Assistant Role is a robust course that covers several elements of becoming a PA. These include aspects of advocacy, as well as professionalism, communication and collaboration. This course includes a PA Panel, where students participate in dialogue with practicing PAs who represent a variety of health care settings, disciplines and levels of experience”

Topics and Readings

We talked about different topics like funding, regulation, health care economics and how the healthcare system works. We had guest lecturers who came in, assignments and a lot of readings. We’re required to look up these kinds of topics on your own, with quizzes on readings and interesting creative assignments.

I think some of those assignments, I remember, as PA profile, we had to film a video of ourselves talking about the PA profession with a personal touch to it. You can choose to it in any format. I did mine in an interview format where my classmate asks me questions and I talked about myself and the PA profession, almost like a making it seem like I was applying for a job as a PA.

We had a lot of discussion posts which was a key aspect of the course where, people would ask questions and would answer questions.

“Intro to PA Role” Final

One of final was to choose a topic related to PA – whether it was regulation, funding, or a topic that you came up with in class. Denise as an instructor for the course was flexible about picking your topic, where you would just start a discussion and then you would write an opinion editorial after that about that topic that you chose to do it on. There were a lot of, interesting assignments which made you think about the profession and see if it was something that   aligned with your interest. It was definitely a good course.

Opinion Editorial Topics:

  • Why PAs Need to Be regulated
  • Why PAs need more funding
  • Why Health care systems need to allocate more funds towards PAs
  • What PAs contribute to the health care system.

And while you write this opinion editorial, you would do research about it and you do learn more about it. it’s not like just a typical lecture based learning. It was a different way of learning. And again self taught.