Accepted! McMaster PA Student Heidi 

 Hi everyone! My name is Heidi and I am a PA student going into my first year at McMaster University this fall!

Heidi’s Pre-PA Stats


  • McMaster’s PA Program


  • Laurentian University – Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with specialization in environmental sustainability as well as a Certificate in Gerontology


  • 3.67 out of 4.0 on OMSAS scale

Heidi’s Academic Background

I completed my undergraduate degree at Laurentian University where I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in environmental sustainability as well as a Certificate in Gerontology.

Prior to my time at Laurentian, I attended Campbell University in North Carolina for two years and my time living in the states is when I actually learned about the PA profession.

I always knew I wanted to pursue medicine, but was not sure what that would look like for me until I came across the PA profession in Canada. When applying to PA programs, I only applied to McMaster University this past year with my GPA being 3.67.


Life, Work and Health Care Experience

My volunteer and work experiences revolved primarily around working with children as I have a major passion for working with youth. I was able to gain healthcare experience at my local hospital in various departments which I think was extremely valuable especially as an engineering student, as this was my only source of exposure to health-related topics, inside and outside of the classroom.

In addition to these experiences, I was an NCAA Division I athlete during my time at Campbell, and ran varsity at Laurentian.

With my remaining eligibility, I plan on training with McMaster’s track and cross country team this year and am looking to represent the Marauders next year as a part of both teams.

Why I want to become a PA

I am so excited to be pursuing a career as a PA as I believe I will truly allow me to achieve both my professional and personal goals alike.

I am excited to be able to challenge myself throughout my career with the option to change specializations as a practicing PA, while being in an occupation that revolves around lifelong learning.

Additionally, coming from an engineering background, I recognize the importance of team-based learning and am excited to continue with this style of learning at McMaster and to then further practice a collaborative approach to patient care as a future PA.

Because of the nature of the PA profession in Canada, I am excited to have the opportunity to be an advocate for the growing profession.

“Entering my PA journey from the perspective of an engineering student, I hope that I can encourage other students who are considering the PA route and are in atypical undergraduate degrees to go for it!”

I think that this was actually the main thing that helped me stand out in my admissions process. Because of this, I always encourage those interested in the PA program to know what makes them unique, and to really use that as a drive throughout their application process.

Now its your turn!

Thank you Heidi for sharing your incredible journey to gaining acceptance into PA School!

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