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We are constantly looking for writers to help spread awareness and build resources for PAs in Canada. 

Contributors to the PA Blog have kindly volunteered their time and energy to advocate for and promote the profession. If you are interested, please read through our writing process and goals. Then take the time to fill out your contact information and we’ll get right back to you! Read through our writing process, or just jump straight to the contact form.

Past Guest Posts

Andrew Lim, CCPA – Orthopaedics PA

Dave Mittman, PA-C

Deniece O’Leary, PA-C – Family Medicine / Orthopaedic Surgery PA

Celina Wu, CCPA – Family Medicine PA

Christian Galloway, PA-S – American PA Student

Dee Naidu, CCPA – General Surgery PA

Katrina Pulla, PAS1 – 1st Year PA Student

Ken Crosby, CCPA – Internal Medicine PA

Kimberly Scott – Orthoapedic Surgery PA

Maureen Taylor, CCPA – Infectious Disease PA

Natalie Dies, CCPA – Surgery PA

Ohood Elzibak, CCPA, MPAS – Orthopaedic Surgery PA

Sahand Ensafi, CCPA – Emergency PA

Sara Nolte, CCPA – Emergency PA

Viet Le, PA-C – Cardiology PA


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  • Pre-PA Admissions Advice

  • New PA Grad Stories

  • A Day in the Life of a PA

  • Helpful Tips for the PA Job Hunt

  • CAPA Annual Conference Live Blogging

  • Tips for 1st year PA students

  • Tips for 2nd year PA students

  • PA Advocacy

  • Approach to understanding Evidence Based Medicine

  • Articles on Practice Tools & Resources (E.g. Medical Directives, Podcasts)

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