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A. Great question! So to examine the difference in tuition costs of Canadian PA schools, here is a breakdown

Year Manitoba McMaster PA Consortium
1st year $16,587.82 $13,922.53   $12,340
2nd year   $16,587.82  $13,922.53  $12,340
  • Manitoba estimates a $1700 to $2000 cost of textbooks for 1st year of study; and cost of medical equipment, including white lab coat and stethoscope is $750.00
  • McMaster has a PDF breakdown of the 2017-2018 academic fee year and this does not include cost of textbooks or medical equipment.
  • PA Consortium has tuition fees listed on the University of Toronto Provost website. This has gone up, in 2016-2017 tuitin was $11,990/year, and in 2017-2018 the tuition went up to $12,340. This does not include cost of textbooks or medical equipment.

A. Hi Alicia! The Canadian licensure, which is a “CCPA” Designation (Canadian Certified Physician Assistant) is overseen by the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada (PACCC).

  1. You must be a member of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants. Once you pass the Canadian certification exam, you must maintain appropriate number of CME/CPD hours in a 5 year cycle.
  2. Register for the exam date, which occurs in October of every year in different exam locations across the country.
  3. Meet the minimum annual requirements to maintain your CPD/CME hours in order to keep your CCPA designation.

There are no re-certification tests required for the Canadian license (no PANRE equivalent). CAPA has an excellent diagram that demonstrates how to become a CCPA.

As an American PA you CAN practice with your PA-C. However, being a member of CAPA means you get access to tools and an extensive, supportive community which will support you in your PA practice in Canada. Some CAPA membership benefits include:

  • Canadian PA liability insurance
  • CAPA PA Job Listings (some not listed on public sites like indeed)
  • Networking Groups
  • JAAPA subscription
  • PA Practice Tools (Medical directive templates for PAs in Ontario, etc.).
  • (and more!).

Hi Julia! Unfortunately only American trained Physician Assistants are the only “international PAs” that can practice in Canada. Also, PAs do not practice in BC (yet.. hopefully the profession will expand to other provinces!).

In order to practice you would have to complete a PA program in the United States or Canada.

A.Canadian trained PAs cannot work in the US unfortunately. No international PAs that train outside of America can practice in the US at this time. Read Can US PAs practice in Canada? Can Canadian PAs practice in the US? 

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