Interview with Danielle, 2nd year PA Student at UofT

Danielle is a 2nd year University of Toronto PA Student, just two months away from graduation at the time of interview!

The full interview with Danielle: 

Here Danielle discusses:

  • How she came across the PA Profession
  • Applying to PA school after 3 years of undergrad
  • How she stood out as a competitive PA candidate
  • Her health care experience before applying to PA school
  • Tips for Pre-PA Students on how to obtain Health Care Experience Hours in undergrad
  • How she maintained work-life balance in undergrad while  maintaining a competitive GPA
  • Canadian PA programs she applied to – and how she decided which one she wanted to attend.
  • Her process for filling out the UofT PA Supplemental Application
  • How her first year of PA school prepared her for 2nd year PA school
  • How PA school prepared her for the job hunt
  • Rotations she’s completed in undergrad
  • Tips for preparing for Clerkship
  • Documenting her journey on social media!