Sahand Ensafi, Emergency Medicine PA on the Frontlines of COVID-19

We first shared Sahand’s post on Facebook and Instagram, as a way to demonstrate how PAs are fighting against the spread of Coronavirus. Patient education is a big piece.

“Most people are now familiar with the common signs and symptoms of COVID19.

One thing we are seeing in the ER are patients with mild symptoms coming in to get tested. A test DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR CARE and is not indicated for all patients at this time.

Our current guidelines due to limited resources and swabs are to only swab patients who are deemed “high-risk”. This means: If you are young, healthy, have a cough or flu-like illness but are OTHERWISE WELL – please STAY AT HOME.

Coming in only exposes other patients and healthcare providers to the virus and does not change how you are treated. You will likely NOT BE SWABBED and sent home to self-isolate.

We recommend that ANYONE with symptoms assume that they may have COVID-19 and go into self-isolation.

At this time, you should seek medical attention ONLY IF you are displaying other symptoms – short of breath, drowsy, unable to tolerate medications/liquids, chest pain and are experiencing symptoms that you are concerned about being different than your typical “flu”.”


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About Sahand Ensafi, CCPA

Sahand Ensafi is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant working in Emergency Medicine. He is a McMaster PA Graduate and is the Ontario PA Chapter President for the Canadian Association of Physician Assistant.

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