CAPA awards

The PA world is a small community in Canada, we like to recognize our own – civilian and military PAs as well as supportive of health care professionals for their contribution to the PA community and PA education.

The Surgeon General of Canada was also present to recognize both military and civilian PAs and the important contribution to health care of Canadians.


The categories for the awards included:

  1. Tom Ashman PA of the Year
  2. CPAEA PA Educator of the Year
  3. 2016 CAPA Honour Roll
  4. PA Research Poster (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place)
  5. Honouring Members of the Board of Directors (CAPA)

1. Tom Ashman PA of the Year – Maureen Taylor, CCPA

Maureen Taylor, CCPA, Physician Assistant working in Infectious Disease, and advocate for Medical-Assisted Dying, was the recipient of the Tom Ashman PA of the year award for her work, dedication and impact on the Physician Assistant profession. She received a standing ovation from her PA colleagues and peers, as she is well known, outspoken and passionate about the PA profession and causes important to her.

2. CPAEA/CAPA PA Educator of the Year


Ohood Elzibak, CCPA is a PA educator who is part of the faculty of McMaster PA Education Program. She teaches clinical skills, facilitates PBL sessions, acts a mentor to PA students and speaks often about the PA program. She gave a heart felt speech at the reception sharing her passion for PA education and learning.

3. 2016 CAPA Honour Roll – Maureen Gottesman

Dr. Maureen Gottesman is medical director of the Consortium of PA Education for the University of Toronto. She was recognized for all of her contribution to the PA Profession and PA education, and her speech took us back to time from when she had met her first PA, Sharona Kanofsky while observing a family medicine resident interview a “patient”, to where the PA consortium program is today.

4. Poster Awards

PA Poster 1st Place – Saira Rashid, CCPA and Alifiya Goriawala, CCPA

Saira Rashid, CCPA and Alifiya Goriawala, CCPA developed a Physician Assistant-led discharge program to understand patients’ education & psychosocial needs following discharge from colorectal surgery. They are in the works of developing a mobile app for discharged patients.

PA Poster 2nd Place – Ohood Elzibak, CCPA and Anne Dang, CCPA

Ohood Elzibak and I were fortunate enough to win 2nd place for the PA Poster based on our poster on the Systematic Review of PA Involvement in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

PA Poster 2nd Place – Ohood Elzibak, CCPA and Anne Dang, CCPA

3rd place went to Kristen Burrows, BSc, BHSc (PA), MSc, CCPA and Assistant Dean of McMaster PA Program for her poster on Factors Affecting the Failure of Physician Assistant Regulation in Ontario

4. Recognizing Members who Served on CAPA’s BOD

Recognizing Dominique Geoffray, Irene Doucette, and Kenzie Bellingham for their contributions to the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants.

Highlights of the Gala

The entire Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Board of Directors & Staff

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