This year I attended the CAPA 2016 Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba!  love attending these events not only for helping to meet my annual minimum requires for Continuing Medical Education/CPD credits to maintain my CCPA designation, but for reuniting with my PA peers and finding out how PAs are doing across different provinces in Canada. I also get to visit and explore different cities, which I have had the opportunity to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia back in 2014.

Last year’s conference took place in Toronto.  I live tweeted the conference, compiled the tweets in a blog post, and ended up writing on different topics that were presented at the Toronto conference. These sessions inspired my posts on topics like Medical Directives, Tips on Networking, and Launching your PA Career.

For this year’s conference, I have decided to not only live tweet, but also attempt to live blog. This would mean foregoing pen and paper and bringing my laptop to sessions. I plan on sitting at the back (hopefully near an outlet) so my screen is not distracting to those sitting in. This tends to be more commonplace at tech and blogging conferences, with a wealth of articles online providing tips on how to write blog entries post conference.

Posts from CAPA 2016 Conference

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Day 1: 

Day 2: 

Day 3:

Expert Legal Advice for PAs

Day 4: 

Highlights of the CAPA 2016 Conference

Plenary Presentation: Dr. Jeff Turnbull on Health & Health Care Equity

Dr. Jeff Turnbull, Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Jeff Turnbull of The Ottawa Hospital giving a phenomenal speech on Health Care Equity.

PA Networking in the Exhibitor Room

PA Networking

On the first official day of the conference, Oct 28, delegates gathered in the Exhibitor room to grab breakfast before attending different sessions.Be sure to follow #CAPA2016 on Facebook and Twitter. Looking forward to seeing and sharing everyone’s updates!

From Q&A during CAPA Annual Members Meeting

From the Annual Members Meeting

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