About Sara Nolte

Sara was raised on a horse farm near Barrie, Ontario. After a childhood of living in the countryside, she left for the ‘big’ city of Hamilton to begin the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program at McMaster University. After obtaining her BHSc, Sara completed her Masters’ of Science in Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences, where her research focused on brain metastases, cancer stem cells, and cancer immunotherapies. She is a recent graduate of the McMaster University Physician Assistant Education Program. While a PA student, she was the Class of 2016 CAPA Student Representative and the 2016-17 CAPA Board of Directors’ Student Representative. Sara now lives in Toronto, and works as a CCPA in emergency medicine and outpatient orthopaedics. Aside from medicine, her other academic interests include science communication (check out her author page at Signals Blog), the role of social media (@Sara_M_Nolte) in healthcare, and education. When not at work, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband and dwarf hamster. She also plays a variety of sports, and is a competitive provincial-level Olympic weightlifter, with hopes to compete Nationally soon!
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