About Natalie Dies

Natalie Dies was raised in Victoria, British Columbia. She spent a memorable 4 years playing NCAA tennis in North Carolina, as well as obtaining an education at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She also performed experimental work in an Environmental Ergonomics Lab, defending her Master’s thesis on sweating and shivering thresholds in menstruating women (who were not always the happiest of lab rats) at Brock University, St. Catherine’s, Ontario. Knowing academic was not for her, and unsure ‘what next’, took 1-year off playing tennis, serving pie in a diner and awaiting McMaster PAEP admissions (2009-2010, Niagara, ON). Upon completing the PA Program, she worked happily in various hospitals job as a surgical PA (2012 - Present, Toronto, ON, Winnipeg, MB and most recently Edmonton, AB). When not in hospital, she enjoys playing, tennis, hiking with her better half and her 3 dogs, and playing oboe in community concert bands.
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