Adam Grycko, Manitoba Physician Assistant in General Surgery

Adam Grycko is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant, and graduate from Manitoba’s Masters of PA Studies Program. He works as a General Surgery PA in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Here Adam sat with me during the CAPA conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario to discuss his journey to becoming a PA and his work and scope of practice as a General Surgery PA in Manitoba.

I got to know Adam meeting him at previous CAPA PA conferences, PA Research Poster Presentations, and at the PAs for Research, Education and Scholarship in Canada ( (previously CPAEA) Research Kickstarter Workshop in Hamilton, Ontario. – Anne

Full Interview with Adam Grycko:

Watch Adam’s interview from the beginning, or visit the Youtube Video Page and use the shortcuts in the description box to jump to certain sections of the interview: 

Before PA School:

  • 0:15 Where I’m from
  • 0:40 Adam’s Experience Before PA School: Licensed Practical Nursing
  • 2:00 How Adam came across the PA Profession

Adam’s Experience in Manitoba’s PA Program:

  • 3:28 Adam’s Experience in 1st year PA school at Manitoba
  • 4:50 What’s involved in 2nd year PA school at Manitoba
  • 6:02 Core Rotations in 2nd year PA school
  • 7:28 Locations of 2nd year PA Clinical Rotations
  • 9:13 Finding work after graduating from Manitoba’s PA Program (Class of 2013)

Working as a General Surgery PA:

  • 11:24 Working as a General Surgery PA in Manitoba
  • 13:21 Getting Oriented as a new PA Hire in General Surgery
  • 19:09 Day in the Life of a General Surgery PA
  • 22:03 Common Conditions seen in General Surgery
  • 23:53 Adam’s Role as a PA in the Operating Room – Surgical First Assist
  • 26:41 Procedures done by a General Surgery

PA Scope of Practice and Building Competency as a PA

  • 27:55 Learning Procedures as a General Surgery PA
  • 29:13 Building Competency as a PA
  • 30:58 What Patients can Expect from me as a PA
  • 32:35 How Adam interacts with nursing & allied health on the ward
  • 34:10 The PA/MD Relationship: Interacting with a Supervising Physician
  • 35:19 Level of Autonomy as an Experienced Practicing PA
  • 37:02 Defining PA Scope of Practice
  • 38:22 What Adam enjoys about being a PA
  • 39:51 How Regulation affects PA Practice in Manitoba
  • 41:21 The Impact of Having a PA in a General Surgery Service

Final Notes

  • 43:18 Opportunities for Growth after becoming a PA
  • 45:23 Adam’s Current Research Interests
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