Top Resources to Learn about Physician Assistants in Canada

Top 10 Resources to Learn about Physician Assistants in Canada

As you’ve probably already discovered, there isn’t a wealth of information available about the PA profession in Canada compared to the multitude of blogs, websites and videos dedicated to the American PA Profession.

Although there are similarities between the Physician Assistant Profession in Canada and the United States, although we are treating many of the same conditions PAs in the States see – there are quite a few distinctions when it comes to PA practice (i.e. health care systems, political environments affecting scope of PA Practice), compensation, and more.

Here I list the top 10Resources I think Pre-PA students should use to learn about the PA profession in Canada.

1. Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA)

This is an organization which represents Physician Assistants in Canada. It may take some digging, by I encourage you to go through and:

Canadian Association of Physician Assistants

2. Can-Meds PA and Canadian EPA-PA

CanMeds-PA – Although part of the CAPA website, this is the Canadian PA profession’s is the national standard for how PAs practice in Canada, and is based off Physician’s CanMeds framework.


4. Conference Board of Canada Study of Physician Assistants

If you want a full understanding and overview of Physician Assistants. You do need to register to access it, but the registration is free and so is downloading the documents. I recommend you read it in this order:

  1. Value of Physician Assistants: Understanding the Role of Physician Assistants Within Health Systems [pdf] an Overview of what PAs do
  2. Gaining Efficiency: Increasing the Use of PAs in Canada [pdf] An excellent paper outlining how from a health care systems point of view – how adding PAs makes sense – alleviating pressure on physician time, cost-savings, and exploring how this model is used in: primary care, emergency care services and Orthopaedic Surgery.
  3. Funding Models for Physician Assistants: Canadian and International Experiences [pdf] – This is more valuable for practicing PAs and anyone interested in some of the barriers and challenges of funding health care.

Conference Board of Canada Study Value of Physician Asisstants

5. Meet the PAs Podcast

Meet the PAs Podcast – An initiative started by PAs Rebecca Mueller and Rachel Thompson with interviews from PAs around Canada. I had several Pre-PA students tell me they learned to appreciate the nuances of PA practice, some challenges facing PAs in Canada just by listening to the podcast. You can follow them on instagram @meetthepas and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

Meet the Physician Assistants Podcast

6. Canadian PA Blog’s Top Posts

Here are the top 5 posts that are visited which provides an overview of the PA profession as well as the admissions process.

  1. What is a Physician Assistant? (What a PA is, and is NOT)
  2. How to become a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant
  3. Admission Criteria for Canadian PA Programs
  4. Canadian PA Blog’s PA Program Overview:
    1. McMaster PAEP Program
    2. PA Consortium
    3. University of Manitoba Master’s of PA Program
  5. Canadian PA Profiles: Q&A Canadian Physician Assistants practicing in different areas of medicine.

Canadian PA Blog Anne Dang

7. Journal of Canada’s PAs

Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants (JCanPA) is a twice a year peer-reviewed publication. As a Pre-PA, the articles to look for include peices published that highlight PA practice in Canada.

Click here to visit Journal of Canada’s Physician Assistants.


8. Canadian Physician Assistant Instagram Accounts

Instagram provides unique behind the scenes, and a look at the day to day.

Click here to connect with Canadian PAs on Instagram.

9. Canadian PA Student & Alumni Blogs

Each Canadian PA has a unique perspective and challenges that they went through to achieve their goal of becoming a PA. Reading different PA blogs can help give you some insight about program delivery, different study styles, and experiences through different programs.

Canadian Physician Assistant Blogs (2)

10. Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group

Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group – Although the group has a lot of posts about the admissions process, there are practicing Canadian PAs and current PA students who are part of this facebook group there to answer questions about being a PA/PA student. As we approach admissions time there are posts almost every single day – the community is extremely helpful and welcoming!

Canadian Pre-PA Facebook Group (1)


If you have any other suggestions, please post to our Canadian Pre-PA Student Network group on Facebook.

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