Living & Working in Canada as an American PA

Living & Working in Canada as an American PA

American certified Physician Assistants may work in Canada. American PAs who have successfully completed an accredited American Physician Assistant Program, and challenged and passed the NCCPA’s Certification Exam are able to practice in Canada. They do not need to complete PA school in Canada to practice.

Many PA employers now require or prefer certified American PAs to write the Canadian Entry to Practice Examination and to be a registered CCPA.

How do I become a Certified Physician Assistant? [From CAPA website]

How do I work in Canada?

Now this is a much more challenging question. There are several ways to apply to work in Canada. I outline a few points her for temporary work and work as a permanent resident. The most up to date, reliable information about working and living in Canada may be found on the Canadian Immigration Commission website.



This information was last updated February 15, 2017.

Other Resources

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