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There are four Physician Assistant Schools in Canada, this includes:

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  • University of Manitoba Physician Assistant Program Overview

University of Manitoba Physician Assistant Program Overview

University of Manitoba Master of Physician Assistant Studies hosted a PA Information Session on October 23, 2017, and had this taped. The following is a brief summary of the information session taken place with helpful links throughout. Manitoba MPAS Info

  • Canadian Physician Assistant Admissions

Do I meet Admission Criteria for Canadian Physician Assistant Programs?

There are four PA programs in Canada, one military and three civilian programs. The most common questions we get in our Canadian Pre-PA Student Networking Group often have to do with, "I have a GPA of X, is this good enough to get in?

  • Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse (1)

Choosing Nurse Practitioner of Physician Assistant? A Choice for Registered Nurses

A Registered Nurse is a healthcare professional who cares for patients in hospitals, schools, correctional facilities and other health care settings. RNs also work in public health and research. You can find them in all departments of the hospital and physician’s office - family medicine,

How to meet University of Toronto’s 910 Health Care Experience Hours

When speaking with PA students in our Canada Pre-PA Student Networking group on Facebook, many feel they are unable to apply to the PA Consortium (University of Toronto, NOSM, Michener) program because they do not meet the “health care experience”. PA Consortium accepts health care

  • Physician Assistant Program course in University of Toronto

University of Toronto Physician Assistant Program Overview

Information from the PA Consortium PA Program Information Session that took place during Fall Campus Day, St. George Campus at University of Toronto. During Fall Campus Day, the PA Consortium was hosting a PA Booth from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM,a s well

Q&A about UofT’s PA Program with Alicia Petrie

Alicia is a second year PA student at the University of Toronto. Prior to the PA program, she completed a BSc. In Kinesiology at McMaster University and worked at a multidisciplinary Physiotherapy clinic. Her interests in the musculoskeletal system led her to pursue

A Look at American PA admissions

From Anne: I met Christian a while back on an online community. We stayed in touch and it was fascinating to learn she had decided to become a PA! Christian had some health care experience prior to applying to American PA schools. Here Christian

What can I do to strengthen my PA application?

In the long term: Work on developing yourself, achieving good grades in school, expanding your experiences both in and outside the classroom and building confidence in various soft skills (communications, leadership, etc.). I expand on this in the answer to #4 (see below). Sandy Vuong,

What courses should I take/extra-curriculars to stand out on PA admissions?

Usually variations of this question go along the lines of: What courses should I take to get into PA school? What kind of extra-curriculars should I be involved in? Or in essence: “What do I need to do to look like the ideal PA

  • Pre-PA Student Forums

Pre-PA Communities

PA forums and communities were a valuable resource during my PA Admissions process. However, all resources available to me were American since at the time the 1st PA program in Ontario had not yet graduated the very first class. There

  • PA School after 2 years

Applying to PA school after 2 years of undergraduate studies

Here I address a question which essentially asks, "When is a good time to apply to PA school?". When you decide to apply during your career will affect what schools you apply to. McMaster PA Program accepts applications from candidates who

  • Guide on how to excel at the MMI

How can I excel at the MMI?

Here we’ll cover some strategies to prepare for the MMI, discuss how the MMI works, and some suggested resources (scroll to the bottom). What is the MMI? The Multiple Mini Interview is many short, structured

Q&A McMaster PA Program

At the end of the McMaster PA Program info night on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, the Assistant Dean Kristen Burrows and Academic Coordinator Nancy Aza fielded questions from the prospective students in the audience. Questions ranged from specific questions about admissions to employment

Announcing the Launch of “Canadian Pre-PA Student Network” Community!

I'm excited to announce the start of a "Canadian Pre-PA Student Network". Many pre-PA colleagues frequently receive questions from individuals interested in applying to PA programs, whether its about admissions or about the PA profession in general! I thought it would be a

Highlights of McMaster PA Grads

Kristen Burrows Assistant Dean of the Program who is also a Class of 2010 graduate. Her presentation highlighted achievements of the program - its students and alumni. She also took time with Nancy Aza to field questions from the audience at the end

McMaster PA Info Night – What is a PA?

Following the presentation on the McMaster PA Program as well as Tips on the Application Process by Nancy Aza, my PA colleague Ohood presented on "What is a Physician Assistant?". Ohood Elzibak, an Orthopaedic Surgery Physician Assistant who is part of the very first

McMaster PA Program Overview

McMaster University hosted a live stream of the PA Program information session in Hamilton, Ontario. The last time I had attended a PA Program Info Session was back in 2012, 1 year after graduation. Prior to that I had attended while I was

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