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Questions to Ask Employers during PA Job Interviews

Although civilian PAs have been working in Canada since 2006, there’s no question that integrating them is still a work in progress.  If you are lucky, you’ll be applying for jobs where the supervising physicians and hospitals already have PAs and have worked out some (but probably not all) of the bugs in the system.  Most of the time, however, you’re likely to be the first PA your potential employer has ever met.  But if he/she/they want a PA, they should at least have thought through why they want a PA and how they’ll use one.  If they don’t offer up that information during the interview, here are some questions you may want to put to them:

Questions about the PA Role

  1. How much direct experience have you had with PAs in Canada or the US?
  2. How do you intend to use a PA in your practice (history and physicals only?  Filling out paperwork?  Will there be any procedures?   Telephone follow ups with patients/pharmacies/referrals?)
  3. Will the PA see all types of patients (including those with acute, complicated medical problems?)
  4. What are your expectations for transitioning a PA into your practice (i.e. how much time will you spend training, how much supervision, transition to more autonomy)
  5. Why are you seeking a PA for this position rather than an RN or NP?
  6. How many physicians would the PA work with?  Are there any physicians who are opposed


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