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Physician Assistants are changing Canadian Health Care

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Q&A with a Canadian Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

Canadian Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine

From Anne: Sahand is a McMaster PA grad graduating from Class of 2013. He served as the McMaster PA Student Association (MPASA) President for his class, and has been an advocate for the PA Profession. He now works in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Network (UHN)  in Toronto, Ontario.  Sahand teaches at the McMaster PA Program covering Interview Examination and Reasoning Skills (IER). He is also involved in the PA student mentorship program and preceptors for students completing clerkship rotations in Emergency Medicine at UHN.

Sahand has been a long time advocate of the PA profession, taking time to answer questions for prospective PA students, mentoring, and engaging in PA Advocacy.

Studying to be a Physician Assistant

Q. Why did you decide to become a PA? What drew you to the profession? 

A. I always knew that I wanted a career in medicine. Initially I went into undergrad thinking that I would pursue a career in Pharmacy. I felt that this wasn’t the right career for me as I was hoping for a more active role in the diagnosis and management of diseases.

At this point I started to scramble for other jobs and began searching “Careers in Healthcare”. I always knew that the MD route was not something I wanted to do. The main reason for this was the length of time it takes to do it.


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