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The PA Stethoscope Ceremony

In early September I had the opportunity to attend the Stethoscope Ceremony at University of Toronto for incoming Class of 2019 as part of their welcoming ceremony. This is a relatively new initiative, one of which University of Manitoba, Master’s of PA Studies held a Stethoscope Ceremony for their incoming class as well.

We were huddled in Hart House East Commons Room at University of Toronto on a Tuesday evening. Incoming PA students were surrounding by friends and family members who they brought to witness the event. I learned that the PA Student Association at UofT had organized the event and really made an effort to make the Stethoscope Ceremony special for students. There was a line up of short speeches from Faculty at University of Toronto and the PA Consortium Program, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and from the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA).

Why the Stethoscope and Not the White Coat?

Although most traditional Physician Assistant and medical school programs host a white coat ceremony, some schools are moving away from this and opting to do the Stethoscope Ceremony instead. Many health care providers, physicians and physician assistants alike do not wear a white coat on a day to day basis. Many wear business casual or more casual wear. Ever heard of “white coat hypertension?” This occurs when patient’s blood pressure readings are higher when taken in a medical

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