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Physician Assistants are changing Canadian Health Care

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How PAs can participate in PA Advocacy

Merriam-Webster defines Advocate as, “to support or argue for (a cause or policy)”. Physician Assistants are natural advocates, this is required as part of training as outlined by  CanMeds-PA . We use our expertise and knowledge to positively influence the health of Canadian patients. This includes advocating for patient safety, adapting to the practice, management and needs of a patient, advocating for a patient’s individual rights, consider the determinants of health (psychological, biological, social, cultural and economic), health promotion and disease prevention.

In addition to advocating for the health of our patients, we also advocate for the PA profession. Often, almost every PA that has undergone training has had to do some kind of advocacy for the Physician Assistant Profession. Explaining to patients, colleagues, supervising physicians how PAs are utilized in the Canadian health care system. This includes explaining the PA role and scope of practice, impact on wait times and patient care, reimbursement for PA work, regulation, and funding.

Goals of PA Advocacy: 

  • Advocating for policies that help support a healthier patient population – which may include policies that support integration of PAs to increase access to quality and timely health care.
  • Promote awareness of PA Profession
  • Promote integration of PAs into the Canadian Health Care System


1. Answer Questions about the PA Profession

  • Develop your “What is a PA? Elevator Pitch”:  This is a rapid fire answer you can provide when someone


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