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What is a Physician Assistant?

What Physician Assistants can and cannot do

When trying to explain what a Physician Assistant does, there’s usually an elevator pitch I like to use:

A Physician Assistant (PA) is an advanced practice health care provider. PAs perform histories, physicals, order and interpret investigations, diagnose, and  formulate treatment plans. They also perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, reduce fracture, cast and splint, perform biopsies, and assist in surgery. They educate and counsel patients preventative health.  They work under the supervision of a physician.

However, sometimes it’s helpful to understand what does not fall under the PA scope of practice.

Many Canadian PAs have come across PA jobs on indeed.ca, and based on the salary listed and job description it’s clear the employer did not post a true “PA” position.

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I put together these graphics and slides with the intention (and hope) that they would be shared. There are a lot of misconceptions about the PA profession, and social media is a great way to disseminate information to a large audience. You are free to download and use the images/PDF in any medium you like (print, online, social media, presentations, textbooks, references, etc.).

I ask that:

  1. you not modify the original images (unless you contact me and receive permission),
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Of course, there’s only so much text you can fit into a graphic. If you scroll past

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