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New PA Grad Tips

Top New PA Grad Tips

Tips for New PA Grads

  • PA Advocacy

How PAs can participate in PA Advocacy

Merriam-Webster defines Advocate as, "to support or argue for (a cause or policy)". Physician Assistants are natural advocates, this is required as part of training as outlined by  CanMeds-PA . We use our expertise and knowledge to positively influence the health of Canadian patients.

Questions to Ask Employers during PA Job Interviews

Although civilian PAs have been working in Canada since 2006, there’s no question that integrating them is still a work in progress.  If you are lucky, you’ll be applying for jobs where the supervising physicians and hospitals already have PAs and have worked

  • How Physician Assistants enter their CPD/CME Credits for PACCC

How to enter your CPD/CME Credits

Physician Assistants in Canada write the PA Certification Exam once, and in order to maintain their "Certified" status, they must obtain a certain number of CPD hours. CPD stands for "Continuing Professional Development", which is also known as CME or "Continuing Medical Education".

Guide to the 2017 Ontario Career Start Grant

On June 15, 2017, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) announced that applications for the Career Start Program to employ Ontario's 2017 PA graduates. Here is an overview of the timeline and some of the requirements for the Ontario 2017 Career

Finding a job as a new PA graduate: the importance of having a network

I’m back, and here to tell you about the second (and happier) part of my journey of getting a job as a new Physician Assistant (PA) graduate. To those of you who read part one about my experience with the Career Start Grant,

New PA Grad BG discusses finding work thru Career Start

When and how did you start preparing for job process? I started preparing for the job process near the end of my last rotation. I worked on my resume and cover letter while studying for the Canadian Entry to Practice Certification Exam, which

New PA Grad Andrew reflects on the PA Job Hunt

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew who completed an Orthopaedic Surgery elective rotation with us during his second year of PA school. My PA colleague and I were delighted to hear he secured a position in Orthopaedic Surgery (it's a not-so-secret bias

Networking & Employment Tips for PA students

Andrea Lombardi, CCPA and Todd Bryden did an early morning Breakfast session on the 2nd day of the CAPA conference canvassing questions from the audience of PA students about what life is like as a PA after graduation.

  • The Physician Assistant and Physician Relationshp Explained

Explaining the PA-supervising MD relationship

There are various models for what a Physician Assistant and Supervising Physician relationship may look like. The relationship can vary by practice setting (in outpatient, versus in hospital), by PA experience (new grad, versus experienced PA), and by area of medicine (family medicine

  • Physician Assistant Jobs in Canada

Where to find Physician Assistant Jobs in Canada

Here I list the best resources for where to look for PA jobs in Canada. Job Postings Across Canada 1. CAPA PA Job Listings Membership required. The Canadian Association of Physician

How do new Ontario PA Graduates Obtain Jobs?

A large proponent on deciding a career and then going through the process of applying to a PA program, like any professional school, is determining what the job market is for that profession.  If you want to know the specifics of how a newly minted

  • Launch your Physician Assistant Career

Launching Your PA Career

For the 2015 Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Annual Conference in Toronto, ON, I presented a session on Launching Your PA Career on October 24, 2015 with Kevin Kendal, CCPA. We had a few PA students attend from University of Toronto, McMaster and

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