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Contribute to the Canadian PA Blog!

We are constantly looking for writers to help spread awareness and build resources for PAs in Canada. 

Contributors to the PA Blog have kindly volunteered their time and energy to advocate for and promote the profession.

If you are interested, please read through our writing process and goals. Then take the time to fill out your contact information and we’ll get right back to you!

Read through our writing process, or just jump straight to the contact form.


Topic Ideas

  • Pre-PA Admissions Advice

  • New PA Grad Stories

  • A Day in the Life of a PA

  • Helpful Tips for the PA Job Hunt

  • CAPA Annual Conference Live Blogging

  • Tips for 1st year PA students

  • Tips for 2nd year PA students

  • PA Advocacy

  • Approach to understanding Evidence Based Medicine

  • Articles on Practice Tools & Resources (E.g. Medical Directives, Podcasts)

Guidelines for Writing

  • Brief one paragraph autobiography outlining your career and interests.

  • A picture to accompany your bio (unless you are submitting a guest post using an alias or anonymously).

  • Either your real name, first name only, or you may choose to write under an alias if you wish to remain anonymous.

  • Published posts will include a link to your website and/or social media accounts if you wish to have that shared with your readers.

  • Once a topic has been chosen, we ask you to complete the blog entry within 1-3 weeks so that it may be reviewed and published.

  • No partisan political views, or advertisements for products.

  • Please use references as appropriate, usually a page author, page title and/or URL should be sufficient.

Writing Process

You can choose a topic from our list of suggestions, write from scratch, or use writing prompts/questions to get you started.

Canadian PA Blog Guest Post Request

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