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Guide to the 2017 Ontario Career Start Grant


On June 15, 2017, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) announced that applications for the Career Start Program to employ Ontario's 2017 PA graduates. Here is an overview of the timeline and some of the requirements for the Ontario 2017 Career Start Program. Go to Career Start Program Site Now 2017 Career Start Grant Key Points Time-limited grant from MOHLTC for employers

Tips to Excel in your 1st & 2nd year PA School


From Anne: Viet Le is an American Cardiology PA & Researcher, who teaches as part of the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Masters PA Program. His resume is quite remarkable, but is extremely helpful when it comes to giving pearls of advice for PA students and new PA grads on what it takes to succeed as a PA student and in the job hunt.  I was browsing my tweeter feed and noticed a twitter

New PA Grad Andrew reflects on the PA Job Hunt


I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew who completed an Orthopaedic Surgery elective rotation with us during his second year of PA school. My PA colleague and I were delighted to hear he secured a position in Orthopaedic Surgery (it's a not-so-secret bias that we hope all of the students who rotate with us end up in Ortho/MSK). He has kindly agreed to write about his experience as part of the 2016 Career Start

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Networking & Employment Tips for PA students


Andrea Lombardi, CCPA and Todd Bryden did an early morning Breakfast session on the 2nd day of the CAPA conference canvassing questions from the audience of PA students about what life is like as a PA after graduation. How to Secure Clinical Observerships as a 1st year PA student "I'm having difficulty finding Physician Assistants/clinical preceptors in my area to take me on for observerships. As often

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Launching Your PA Career


For the 2015 Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Annual Conference in Toronto, ON, I presented a session on Launching Your PA Career on October 24, 2015 with Kevin Kendal, CCPA. We had a few PA students attend from University of Toronto, McMaster and the Military. The session was very early in the morning (7 am) following an intense Game 6 with the Blue Jays so we suspected attendance wouldn’t be high, but it was

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