CAPA conference

Networking & Employment Tips for PA students


Andrea Lombardi, CCPA and Todd Bryden did an early morning Breakfast session on the 2nd day of the CAPA conference canvassing questions from the audience of PA students about what life is like as a PA after graduation. How to Secure Clinical Observerships as a 1st year PA student "I'm having difficulty finding Physician Assistants/clinical preceptors in my area to take me on for observerships. As often

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CAPA 2016 Research Posters


As per CAPA, "The poster session is an opportunity for PAs to share the results of their research or the details of interesting clinical cases and to stimulate discussion with their colleagues." My colleague and I put together an systematic review about PAs in preventative care. One of our conclusions was that although use of PAs in preventative health has had an overall positive impact, there was a lack of research of PAs in

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CAPA Awards 2016


The PA world is a small community in Canada, we like to recognize our own - civilian and military PAs as well as supportive of health care professionals for their contribution to the PA community and PA education. The Surgeon General of Canada was also present to recognize both military and civilian PAs and the important contribution to health care of Canadians.   The categories for the awards included: Tom Ashman PA

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Expert Legal Advice for Physician Assistants


We had a lawyer come in for a session on legal advice. 60% of the audience was from Ontario, and 40% were from Manitoba. What do we mean by professional practice? Professional practice is a term to all professions. To conduction and work a professional rendered within framework of framework of recognized professional, ethics, standards and applicable requirements; No matter which province you practice, there is a set of

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Conference Board of Canada Study: Value of PAs in Ontario


There have been two Conference Board of Canada reports published on the Value of PAs and Gaining Efficiency. Since release of the report there has been 21+ media reports about PAs, highlighting how PAs could help relieve strain on health care system. Download the Conference Board of Canada Reports Report 1: Report 2: Free registration in order to access reports (also free).  Kelly Grimes, Senior Health Research

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The PA experience in Manitoba – Primary Care and Beyond


We had a session on Primary Care in Manitoba, presented by Sheldon Permack, MD, FCFP, and Scott Naherniak, CCPA , a PA-MD team who work together in Primary Care in Manitoba. They spoke about their experience, and the difference in patient care once a PA was introduced into practice.   Although I feel very well versed about how PAs function in Ontario, how PAs practice in Manitoba has been somewhat of a mystery to me.

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Tips on Implementing Medical Directives


At last year’s CAPA conference I attended a session on Medical Directives and produced a primer on Medical Directives for practicing PAs in Ontario based off that session. I was pleased to see that CAPA offered yet another Medical Directive session, and I was hoping to expand upon topics discussed in the previous forum. This was an early morning session on the Friday of the conference, led by Natalie Dies and Ken Crosby. They also

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Physician Assistant Role in Indigenous Health


There has been difficulty providing health care access to Indigenous Communities in Manitoba for several reasons: Lack of health care facilities in rural and remote communities: For example, some communities are 200 km away from the nearest Emergency. There is a large reliance on ambulances. Physician Retention in Manitoba: There has been difficulty recruiting physicians to work in remote communities, within 100 km of Winnipeg, there has been a large reliance on ambulances. We have to recognize the

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Research in Physician Assistant Education & Practice


On Thursday, October 27, I flew in with my PA colleague to Winnipeg, a province which I had never been to before in order to take advantage of one of the Pre-Conference Workshops run by the The Canadian Physician Assistant Education Association (CPAEA). My colleague and I have been looking forward to this session as we have presented research posters at previous CAPA conferences but were looking for guidance to get our foot in

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CAPA Conference 2016


This year I attended the CAPA 2016 Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba!  love attending these events not only for helping to meet my annual minimum requires for Continuing Medical Education/CPD credits to maintain my CCPA designation, but for reuniting with my PA peers and finding out how PAs are doing across different provinces in Canada. I also get to visit and explore different cities, which I have had the opportunity to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia back

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