Dee Naidu

About Dee Naidu

Dee was in her 2nd year of BSc In Kinesiology at the University Waterloo where she was able to shadow, whoa t the time was an anesthesiologist in a busy downtown Detroit hospital. He encouraged her to explore diverse careers in health care where she first encountered a Physician Assistant working alongside a Neurosurgeon. This PA was seeing consultations in the trauma bay and doing procedures in the operating room. Concurrently PAs were gaining some modest attention on the Canadian front and she discovered the McMaster PA Program. Dee started at McMaster in 2011. Upon graduation she started her career as a PA in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in acute care general surgery. Her career has evolved, and she is now involved as the Professional Lead of the PA group in addition to her busy clinical practice. She is also a Master of Public Health candidate and is currently completing her last year of study.